Why are we choose the slitting line manufacturers?

A slitting line is composed of:
1. Loading coil car  2.Uncoiler  3.Straightener device   4.Pinch roll &leveler & hydraulic shearer   5.Loop pit   6.Side guide   7.Slitter   8.Transition platform & scrap winder   9.Loop pit   10.Tension station   11.Recoiler  12.Unloading coil car

Hereby take as an example a thin strip slitting line used for the uncoiling, slitting and recoiling of cold-rolled carbon steel, hot galvanized steel strip with thickness range of 0.3-3.0mm and width range of 800-1950mm. Slitting line which is otherwise called slitting line machines are largely used for cutting of various metals and metallic products. Slitting line machine is mainly used for slitting of raw material link the stainless steel strips, steel coil, carbon strips, and copper strips. The parts of the slitting line machine are made out of the tested steel and are of rig design.

The machine allows this to be done within the manufacturing factory instead of having it done in any other location. The material does not need to be shipped from supplier to cutter and then from cutter to manufacturer. The material will go from supplier to manufacturer increasing profits and decreasing prices. The transportation cost may take a toll on the budget. This problem can be solved simply by putting the cutting machine directly before the next machine in the production line. If a sheet is cut wrong then it needs to be scrapped hence a large amount of raw material is wasted. The accuracy of the machine means that there is no wastage involved. This is why most manufacturers who need metal strips get the machine for their manufacturing sectors.


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