To choose a correctly place for air condition machine is important

When you're choosing an air condition machine, it's important to size it correctly and locate a suitable window for it and the condition machine is a very sturdy machines that can withstand all kinds of weather. Air conditioners are designed so that water cannot reach any parts of the unit that would be damaged after getting wet. Most air conditioners fit well in double-hung windows, but not all will fit in other types, such as horizontal sliders. Moreover, if you install you air conditioner in a window that gets full sun, the machine's performance will suffer and you'll end up paying more to run it. An essential part of the installation process is sealing the area around the air conditioner to prevent air flow.

You can cover your air conditioner during the off-season if it's done properly. If you cover your air conditioner during cooler months to protect it from dust and dirt, invest in a breathable cover that does not allow moisture to develop in the unit. Rain can cause condensation in covered units that could result in mold and mildew.

The window air conditioner is mostly designed to serve small rooms with limited residents. It comes with basic air condition components like the compressor unit and the condenser. The power consumption of split units range from 2 kw to 8 kw. They are suitable to use in small to midsized rooms, they are made to cool bigger spaces than the window units. They come in wall and floor mounted models. The cooled air inside the evaporator coil is returned back into the living unit through the supply ducts. Central air condition machine is made for use in large buildings with many occupants



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