The knowledge about the slitting line manufacturers

It is mainly used for the slitting and shearing of tinplate, galvanized iron, silicon steel sheet, cold-rolled steel strip, stainless steel belt, aluminum strip, steel strip and other coil stock and so on. It is used to cut the coil stock material with into the needed size strip materials. Is the metal coil material cutting into the various article of the width of the materials, and the next the article will again be made into little coil for application of next working procedure. The main function of this of this metal steel coil slitting line apply to cut the width of coils into smaller coils, and any thickness is available. It is the necessary equipment of transformer and motor industry and other precise metal strips.


Because thickness of coil strips is in proportion to capacity of sheet slitting lines, the bigger thickness of master coils need the bigger models of coil slitting machines. Generally, we can classify slitting lines into three groups according to thickness difference, that is, thin sheet slitting line, middle thick coil slitting machine and thick coil metal coil slitter.


Thin sheet slitting line, also called metal coil slitter, is a kind of production line to cut master coil into smaller coils of particular widths by disc knives.

Thin sheet slitting line is suitable for coil strip thickness (0.2~1) mm, (0.3-2) mm,  (0.3-3) mm and (0.4-4)mm; while strip width is changeable: 600mm. 1000mm, 1250mm, 1600mm, 1800mm and so on.


Middle Thick Sheet Slitting Line

Capacity of middle thick steel coil slitting line is mainly used to slit steel coils of thickness 0.6~5 mm, 1~6 mm, 2-8mm or 3~10mm. And for steel coils with width: 600~1600 mm, 800~1800mm or 800~2000mm into narrower baby coils. This steel slitter is widely used for proving steel strip coils for cold rolling mill, welded pipe mill, roll forming machine, etc.


Thick Sheet Slitting Line

This thick plate slitting line, also called metal coil slitter, is able to slit thick steel master coil into small baby coils. The thick coil slitting line is composed of: coil-loading car, double mandrel big-load uncoiler, portal style coil-head guide, press and shovel equipment, double roller pinching feeder.


Capacity of different models of thick sheet slitting lines (metal coil slitter):

Strip thickness: (3~12) mm, (4-16) mm, (5~20) mm;

Strip width: 500-1800mm, 800~2000mm or 1000~2200mm.



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