This series machine tools are widely used in folding and flanging colored metal sheet, stainless sheet and steel sheet with 2.5 meter length and 2.5mm or below thickness, it is forming processing equipment for box and duct of home appliance, stainless kitchenware, illumination, hardware furniture, cold&warm ducting, air conditioner equipment, etc.

These series machine tools are hand driven. With its positioning structure, it can
Manufacture work pieces with fixed angle and special shape in quantities.

These series machine tools are lower blade fixed, upper blade compacted. They fold in the principle of folded plate upwelling. Work pieces do not move relatively or impact blades during the whole process, hence maintain the levelness and smoothness of the work pieces surface. It is especially suitable for work pieces that have strict requirements on surface.

These series machine tools are locked with umbrella gear and lead screw spinning or cam. They run stably and they are easy to adjust and maintain with their simple structure.

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