Features of Cut to Length line Machines

This series production line has the function of high efficient auto-sizing, which can make various coil trip to different specification via uncoiling, leveling and auto-sizing. It is essential high-efficiency production line for sheet metal processing. Cut to Length Lines is used for uncoiling, straightening, gauging, cross-cutting to length and stacking work. It perform a variety of operational functions including cut sheet leveling, edge trim (if required), cut to length and stack sheets and plates. The cut to length line can make sure of accurate feeding and shearing. It can be widely used in cold or hot rolling carbon steel, tinplate, stainless steel and all the other kinds of metal materials with surface coating.

Cut to length line machine is controlled by PLC system or manually as required by the customer. All mechanical moving of this series is controlled centrally by imported high-performance PLC grogrammable system to control the whole procedure. In addition, equipped with high precision sevomotor and CNC system to ensure the precision, reliable hydraulic system to insure feeding and shearing accuracy.  When the need shearing number is reached the line can stop automatically. The line speed can be adjusted. It has a gauge with high precision, and whole line can work automatically and operate easily there by producing smooth sheets. Various Components are included in Cut To Length Machines like coil car, entry support device, width adjustor device ,straightening machine, gauge table, shearing machine, run out table, pneumatic discharge and stacker device, unloading table, pneumatic system.


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