32nd Guangdong Cosmetics Festival

Color Imagination seeks always the best way to provide an inter-media, showing the full line products' quality best live, to our beloved clients. That's why we designed and opened a high standard professional show room inside our office for specialists in the field basing on our line of products' features and functions.

The show room is specially designed in the best possible way to demonstrate all the different lighting effects, in a large and spacious space (around 150 square meters). It features a control part and a demo part with hanging mechanicals with most products on the catalogue installed. When clients, lighting designers and lighting operators ask for a demo of the models they are interested in, they could come and watch the demos provided by Color Imagination's lighting designer. Or they could require us how to demonstrate the features and functions according to what they needs for applications, anything about the products' characteristics and performance. Then they could decide the best models that suit the on site needs, to bring their creativity into reality.

And, the show room may help lighting guys with ideas that never appear in their mind. It's not only a demo tour but also a discover tour. It's also a place for sharing and creating ideas on products, products design, event design, club designs.

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