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Hydraulic Bending Machine Operating Principle


Classification of hydraulic bending machine
Hydraulic bending machine press can be divided into torsion axis synchronization, machine liquid synchronization, and electro-hydraulic synchronization according to the synchronous mode. The hydraulic bending machine can be divided into upper-acting, under-acting by movement pattern.

Angle accuracy of the bending machine equipment
The angle accuracy of the bending machine equipment can be in the full-length bend controlled within ± 0.5°. According to customer requirements, we can also complete workpiece positioning on the device equipped with 600mm long ball screw driven by servo motor (X axis) dimensions, work positioning accuracy: the servo motor resolution is 0.01 mm, the operator can faster complete different angles, different length ± 0.05 mm, multi-channel bend sequence bending after he is familiar with the operation of CNC machine tools, which greatly improves work efficiency. For larger tonnage equipment, the hydraulic press brake can be prepared on the deflection compensation configuration, the work deflection can control 0.75mm per meter. The device is suitable for bending and production volume processes of large-tonnage, ultra-long workpiece. The key components of the device are imported. The specifications in our factory is 50-500 tons, bending length of the workpiece is between 1.6 to 8 meters long.

The bending machine can meet the needs of various artifacts
At use, the bending machine is energized by the wire coil, which producess gravity to the platen after being electrified, thus realize clamping for sheet sandwiched between the platen and the base. Due to the electromagnetic force holding, the platen can be made into a variety of workpieces requirements, and can machine workpiece with besidewall.

The Bending Machine

can meet the needs of various artifacts by replacing bending machine dies.

CP series hydraulic bending machine
CP series hydraulic bending machine is the upper-acting CNC hydraulic bending machine. The bending machine drives the right and left cylinder elongation and return by the action of various types of valves on the servo proportional valve, driving the rise and fall of the machine beams. The synchronous operation of the beams is a combination of the electronic ruler signal feedback and servo proportional valve issues traffic, which is completed by Switzerland Cybelec CNC system. CNC operation is equipped with 10-inch display screen, LCD, man-machine dialogue, can simulate the bending step, bending of the different angles of the workpiece can molded. CP series bending machine is a three-point feedback vacant bending, the upper blade of the cutter head and the lower mold of the edge of the V-shaped grooves determine the workpiece bending machine angle. Since the reading accuracy of the electronic foot is, so the 0.005mm activity beam drop distance can accurately be controlled. The Y-axis has high positioning accuracy and repeatability. The beams around the cylinder stroke can be controlled separately, belonging to the two-axis configuration, for example: at left 88 degrees of workpiece, the device can complete bending of the tapered workpiece; at right 92 degrees of the workpiece, the series bending machine can complete different angle bend molding according to the operator's requirements.